Becky Plexco.com is collection of all of my internet projects in one home base.  All of my websites and social media (facebook, pinterest, instagram, youtube, flickr, twitter, linkedin, google+) will be connected and arranged in a (hopefully) logical order for my friends and followers.  Morticia’s Morgue, Hip Scarf Junkie and Enigma Arts are still under construction. All of the sites were originally static html pages, except for my weblog, the new sites are a combination of WordPress and html and are designed to be mobile device compatible. This is the first website I’ve designed with WordPress, I chose it because I want everything to be easy to update, pretty to look at and easy to navigate.

Morticia’s Morgue is my original personal website, it has been online since 1997 and it’s weblog, Wednesday’s Child, has been online since 2002. It is primarily a gothic and horror website which also has some eclectic areas such as a section called ‘Women, Fashion & Guns’. The most popular pages on it have been my Halloween pages and my classic macabre TV pages, especially my Addams Family page.  I have been involved in gothic, vampire and horror fandom for many years and have been interviewed and mentioned in several reference books on the gothic and vampire genres. I am the creator of the facebook group Elders of Goth, which focuses on Goths over 30). I have also been a member of the Anne Rice Vampire Lestat Fan Club and have been attending the balls since 1991 and helped organize and  photographed this year’s 25th Anniversary Ball which Anne Rice attended.

I also created the facebook group Elders of Goth for Goths over 30, which has over 1000 members.

Gothic Kitty is a site devoted to my beautiful and personable black smoke Burmese cat Phoebe and was created in 2003 when I adopted her.

Enigma Arts was created in 2004 originally as a home for one of my ebay businesses selling antique postcards.  It is now the home of my photography business in New Orleans and will have an online store and galleries of my work of photography from mainly Louisiana and Texas.  I am a native Houstonian who moved to New Orleans in 2011 and I still visit Hoston regularly.

Hip Scarf Junkie was registered in 2007 as an outlet for my obsession with everything belly dance, and my ever increasing collection of… hip scarves. I collect vintage postcards and photos of dancers, gypsies, exotic and risque ladies. This page will also encompass other forms of dance and self expression such as hooping, burlesque dancers and aerialists.

Tish Kitty has been my Youtube name from when I joined in 2007 and is also my Minecraft gaming name and is my newest blog, dedicated to the fun I’m having gaming.

All of my websites, except for Wednesday’s Child, have facebook fan pages which are linked to each site accordingly.  Morticia’s Morgue on Facebook has several additional pages, which are extensions of the website, Vintage Halloween Collectibles and Gothic Romance Paperback Novels.

For more info on me personally, visit Wednesday’s Child. You can read archives of my weblog that go back over a decade.

Please bookmark this page and check back to see each section go up.

Thanks for reading and for any comments or critique, please send me an email.